Ungraspable Beauty

SENSE OF HUMOUR is a Japan based beauty brand. Elegance and unconventional ethos of bohemian lifestyle inspire our concept UNGRASPABLE BEAUTY. All things are delicate and nuanced. We proudly focus on Japanese subtle craftsmanship with authentic quality of ingredients and design. We believe that beauty and richness of experience are important components of the good life.

Our Philosophy

To avoid putting a burden on the earth and all living things, we give top priority to the ingredients.

Comfort in Use

With this one, you will always be beautiful.
Easy to use and unique in its beauty.

Design, Craftsmanship

High quality that is built up one by one.
The best hospitality we can offer.

Fragrance and Essential Oils

A scent that clarifies your hidden personality.
An addiction that makes you want to recreate it over and over again.