Our Philosophy

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Declaration of Clean Beauty

Currently, there is no unified standard for "organic cosmetics" in Japan.
What makes a product called "Organic"?
At present, it is up to each company to decide.
We, SENSE OF HUMOUR, have set our own standards to ensure that our products are safe to use.
We are committed to a balance of sustainability and very particular about the ingredients we use to ensure that our products provide a satisfying experience.

Our Standards for Clean Beauty

  • 100% natural ingredients *except for some products
  • We use ingredients that do not place a burden on the earth and all living things.
  • We carefully select high quality ingredients to ensure that our products are truly safe to use.
  • We do not use additives that are harmful to the body or ingredients that may cause allergies. (Petroleum surfactants, mineral oil, preservatives, tar-based colorants, synthetic fragrances, rinsing agents, animal-derived ingredients, silicone, parabens, and formerly designated ingredients)
  • No synthetic preservatives are used.
  • No animal testing.
  • We do not use nanomaterials whose safety has not been confirmed.
  • We continue our efforts to increase the percentage of sustainable and highly functional naturally-derived ingredients in our products, even after they are finished.

About ingredients not used

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Why we shouldn't use it / Alternative choices

We pay as much attention to the "do not use" ingredients as we do to the "use" ingredients.
We make it clear why they are "not used" in order to enhance and promote safety and sustainability.

Hair Rinse Agent

The main ingredient in most common treatments is quaternary ammonium salt, also known as "Rinse agent”. Rinse agents are chemicals that are widely used not only in hair care products, but also in clothing softeners and deodorant sprays. Rinse agents, which give hair an instant smoothness, are widely supported as an essential ingredient in hair treatments because of their pleasant feel, but on the other hand, they are so toxic that they are said not to be allowed on the skin.

Did you know that the main ingredient of clothes softeners is the same as that of rinse agents? Shampoo and Treatment are often compared to clothes detergent and fabric softener. If you wash your clothes with detergent (shampoo) and then soak them in fabric softener (treatment), your clothes will be softer after drying. In other words, what you apply to your head is like fabric softener. ...... Rinse agents can remain on the skin and continue to irritate the scalp, causing itching, redness, dandruff, acne on the back, and other problems.

We do not use a rinse agent, but instead richly uses 100% natural organic Argan oil from Morocco. No antioxidants are used, and the product is ECOCERT certified, an international organic certification organization. It is an excellent natural ingredient for repairing and moisturizing hair and skin, as well as controlling dandruff, itchiness, and hair loss.

<Typical ingredients found in the market>
Steartrimonium Chloride
Cetrimonium Bromide
Benzalkonium Chloride
Laurtrimonium Chloride
Behentrimonium Chloride

<Ingredients used in SENSE OF HUMOUR products>
Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil
Cellulose (extracted from plants)
Guar gum (dietary fiber)

Petroleum surfactant

Surfactants are cleaning ingredients that remove dirt. Among them, petroleum surfactants have good foaming and cleaning power, but they are harmful ingredients that may affect the global environment and human body. Some of them are said to be highly toxic.

Petroleum surfactants adhere to and remain on the scalp and hair. They have a significant effect on the scalp and skin, dry and flaky hair, and disrupt turnover.

Because of their low cost and high functionality, petroleum surfactants are mass produced. Even if a product claims to be organic, plant-based, or natural, if you check the ingredients label, there are many cases where only one or two natural ingredients are used, but most of the ingredients are petroleum surfactants.

Instead of petroleum-based synthetic surfactants, we use amino acid-based surfactants. It is distinct from other plant-based synthetic surfactants, and is extremely safe and hypoallergenic compared to surfactants added to food.

Our shampoo, in particular, has a thick, dense, fine-grained lather that is so thick that it is hard to believe it is made of 100% natural ingredients, and it cleanses the skin cleanly and supplely without removing too much of the necessary sebum.

<Typical ingredients found in the market>
Sodium lauryl sulfate
Sodium laureth sulfate
Triethanolamine laureth sulfate
Sodium C12-13 Alketh Sulfate
PEG/PPG-15/15 Dimethicone

<Ingredients used in SENSE OF HUMOUR products>
Amino acid-derived surfactant
Glutamic acid, glycine, alanine, sarcosine, etc.

Mineral Oil

It is oil obtained from petroleum, which belongs to minerals. A long time ago, mineral oil with impurities mixed in was sold on the market, and the awareness that mineral oil = bad for the human body spread. Today, with the development of technology, mineral oil is no longer considered to be a dangerous ingredient, but SENSE OF HUMOUR does not use any mineral oil.

<Typical ingredients found in the market>
Mineral Oil
Hydrogenated Polyisobutene
Microcrystalline Wax

<Ingredients used in SENSE OF HUMOUR products>
Baobab Oil
Passionfruit Oil
Shea butter
Rosehip Oil
Safflower Oil


These are effective in inhibiting the growth of fungi. However, they can also be irritating, which is why we do not use preservatives in our products. Instead, we use natural ingredients with antiseptic and antibacterial properties to enhance the overall preservative effect.

<Typical ingredients found in the market>
Benzethonium Chloride
Benzoic Acid
Sorbic Acid

<Ingredients used in SENSE OF HUMOUR products>
Amino acid-derived antibacterial ingredient
fatty acid ester


These are ingredients that may cause allergies and other problems. Parabens, which are included in the "formerly listed ingredients" category, are also ingredients that have the same role as preservatives. We do not use parabens because they may cause allergic eczema or dermatitis.

<Typical ingredients found in the market>

Animal-derived ingredients

Animals are sacrificed for the sake of human beauty. We aim to create products that do not place a burden on the earth and all living things, so we do not use any animal-derived ingredients. Of course, we do not conduct any animal testing.

<Typical ingredients found in the market>
Tallow (Beef)
Egg Oil
Turtle Oil
Mink Oil

Synthetic perfume

Synthetic fragrances are artificially created scents. They can cause allergies. The scent itself is unnatural and lingers in the nose, and it is difficult to express the softness of a natural fragrance. We carefully select fragrances from 100% natural essential oils extracted from plants and uniquely formulate by ourselves. Natural essential oils have a variety of beneficial effects on the mind and body. The fragrance is pure and complex, and resonates with the senses.

<Ingredient characteristics found in the market>
It is separated into hydrocarbons, alcohols, esters, aldehydes, ketones, lactones, phenols, oxides, and acetals, and can make most fragrances with aromatic substances derived from coal, oil, natural gas, and fats.

<Ingredients used in SENSE OF HUMOUR products>
Rose water, natural essential oils such as Pink lotus.

Tar-based colorants

Tar-based colorant included in "formerly designated ingredients". We do not use them because they may cause problems such as allergies and carcinogenicity.

<Ingredient characteristics found in the market>
Richer color tone and clearer effect compared to natural dyes


Silicones themselves are not harmful. What is considered problematic is the residue on the skin, which can cause irritation as it seals the pores. Silicone residue on the skin cannot be completely washed away and requires a strong cleansing action. If you wash it off thoroughly, it will cause dryness, which is a vicious cycle. If you use silicone-containing products for a long time, silicone will accumulate in your hair and scalp. As the accumulation builds up, the texture deteriorates, the scalp becomes sticky, and dandruff occurs, all of which can be hard on the skin and hair. They are also not biodegradable and have an impact on the environment, so we do not use them for our products.

<Typical ingredients found in the market>
Phenyl Dimethicone
Acrylates/Dimethicone Copolymer

Convincing and commitment to effectiveness and feel.

We see a lot of claims in the marketplace that say, "Safe because we don't use chemicals”. But are they really good products? Are you giving up on the comfort of use by subtracting unnecessary things?
What is the purpose of using the product?
SENSE OF HUMOUR strives to find the best way to minimize the burden on the body and the environment, while at the same time improving the effectiveness and feel of our products.

Characteristics of Ingredients

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We carefully select, condense, and luxuriously use natural beauty ingredients.
Here are some of the representative ingredients.

A rare organic Argan oil of 100% natural origin from Morocco which is gentle on hair, scalp and skin.

<Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil>

Organic Argan oil is used luxuriously in place of the rinse agent that is generally used in treatments. Argan oil is a rare and valuable oil that can be extracted from only 1 liter of 100 kg of fruit. Normally, 1ml of argan oil would be considered a high amount, but we contain more than 20ml (in a regular 250ml bottle). The amount of argan oil in this product far exceeds the common sense of ordinary hair treatments.

Our products are certified by ECOCERT, an international organic organization, and are effective in repairing damaged hair, moisturizing hair and skin, having an emollient effect to make skin flexible, and improving scalp environment and turnover, dandruff and itchiness due to high vitamin E content with excellent antioxidant properties.

Contains plenty of rose water (damask rose), which is excellent for scalp care.

<Rose Water>

Rose water has outstanding hair care properties. It has a moisturizing effect that maintains normal moisture in the scalp and hair, an anti-inflammatory effect that soothes inflammation of the scalp, a blood circulation stimulating effect that activates hair follicles and prevents hair loss, a damage prevention effect caused by UV rays and dryness, and a dandruff suppressing effect that inhibits the generation of bacteria that cause dandruff. It helps to regulate the scalp and hair environment, leading to healthy hair.

The rosewater used in our products is made from damask rose, the "Queen of Roses".

Carefully selected plant-derived cleaning ingredients.
Leaves hair soft and smooth without squeaking.

<Amino acid-derived surfactant>

We use extremely safe and hypoallergenic cleaning ingredients that are gentle on the body and the environment.

Our shampoo, in particular, has a thick, dense, fine-grained lather that is so thick that it is hard to believe it is made of 100% natural ingredients, and it cleanses the skin cleanly and supplely without removing too much of the necessary sebum.

Vegetable oils that are easily absorbed by the hair and scalp are used.
It nurtures hair full of moisture and shine.

<Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) Kernel Oil, Adansonia Digitata Seed Oil Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil etc>

Contains a well-balanced blend of plant-derived oils that are similar to the composition of sebum (i.e., easily absorbed into the skin). It also has moisturizing, hydrating, skin conditioning, sebum balancing, and antioxidant properties.

Consideration For The Environment

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It contributes to the preservation of the earth's environment while maintaining its feel of use, elegance and unique value.

  • Even after the product is finished, we continue our efforts to increase the percentage of sustainable and highly functional naturally derived ingredients.
  • The refill contains approximately 60% less plastic than the regular size bottle. Also, you can save up to 4,400 yen on the refill compared to the purchase of two regular bottles.
  • No animal testing.
  • Store bags are made of eco-friendly, non-woven bags that can be used repeatedly.
  • No excessive use of materials. We use the minimum amount of materials necessary. For example, digitization of online store’s invoice or receipts, and reduction of packaging materials etc.
  • We will continue our efforts to become plastic-free in order to be considerate of the human body and the environment.