Comfort in Use

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Easy to use, no professional skills required, smart and comfortable.

Our motto is to create products that are simple, yet unique and versatile enough to be used by everyone.
We research each product and find our own unique formula.
With this one, you will always be beautiful.
The products born from this idea will bring new freedom and sophistication to your lifestyle.

Aiming for an unknown feeling of use with 100% natural ingredients*

We are very particular about producing only 100% natural ingredients*. At the same time, we are pursuing a level of professional use that will satisfy many people in terms of feel.

In the market, we often see organic cosmetics that are not 100% natural (such as 90% natural ingredients), but have you ever thought about the toxicity of the remaining few percent of chemical ingredients? There are many products that are called organic cosmetics that contain a mixture of chemical ingredients and do not demonstrate the true power of natural ingredients.

*Except for some products.

Gentle to the skin

We do not use any harmful additives or ingredients that may cause skin irritation or allergies. The formula is safe and secure for your scalp and skin.

Completely additive-free, safe, easy, and beautiful

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We are committed to using only natural ingredients, never forgetting our responsibility to the environment, and commercializing only products that can be used with peace of mind.
Hair care & styling series with satisfying effects and feel of use according to the purpose.

SHAMPOO It can wash hair, body and face.

TREATMENT For scalp massage as well.

Thick, dense lather that changes the common sense of organic shampoo.

Cleanses the scalp without stripping off too much sebum, while repairing hair damage. The dense foam, which can also be used as a hair pack, makes your hair moisturized from the inside out every time you use it.

More beautiful with continued use

Our shampoos and treatments are not just for the purpose of cleaning and maintaining your hair. It also addresses the scalp and hair environment head on, and with continued use, it nurtures the beauty of moisturized hair from the scalp. After the improvement of condition, simple care with shampoo alone will be enough.

STYLING Ingredients that are gentle on hair and skin.

OIL Can be used for hair, body and face.

No professional skills required

You can get the style you want in no time, even on busy mornings. Easy to apply, just blend it throughout the hair. It does not fix the hair, but brings out the individuality of the hair in a natural way.

Achieve styling and care at the same time

Abundant use of high quality natural treatment ingredients. It cares for hair damage at the same time as styling.

Easy to wash off

Since it does not contain synthetic chemical ingredients, it can be washed off almost completely by pre-rinsing with hot water.