Design, Craftsmanship

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We are dedicated to the exploration of extraordinary luxury that enriches the everyday. We offer genuine value through the creation of products of the highest quality.

Provides pleasant stimulation

We visualize the uniqueness of the product, the comfort that you can only understand when you have it and the addictiveness that you cannot let go of once you know it. Graphics, coloring, and texture ...... The only regulation that underlies all of our design work is to make up for the lack of stimulation in the current age. To be a tailwind for you to step into the next age.

Redefining Luxury

From the conventional glittering luxury to the luxury of finding and enjoying true richness for yourself by stripping away unnecessary decorations. We pursue the brand's unique sense of humor and offer the best in hospitality. This belief is supported by a firm confidence in quality.

Toward a future standard

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We maintain a dignity rooted in our efforts to remain the pinnacle and educate our audiences about the balance that should exist between price and value.
We will talk about beauty, environmental protection, and other important things at the same table to determine the essence of luxury.
We are always seeking for unknown bliss and aim to create something that will become the standard for the future.

Commitment to MADE IN JAPAN

We are committed to Japan's outstanding manufacturing techniques. Not only the contents, but also the bottles and packaging are all manufactured in Japan. We are challenging ourselves to create new products while paying respect to the craftsmanship.

Maintaining high quality

We do not mass produce but produce in small quantities to maintain high quality and to keep the products are always fresh.