【December 01, Starts】Incense Holder Listening to Stone No.6 is now on sale!Members will also be able to purchase in advance according to their rank!

SENSE OF HUMOUR Minami Aoyama flagship store will start selling the incense holder Listening to Stone No.6 on December 01, 2023 (Fri.)!

At the same time, it will also be available on the official SENSE OF HUMOUR online store.

In addition, the official online store will offer limited pre-sales according to the rank of members!

Incense Holder Listening to Stone No.6 

This incense holder is a collaboration with the ceramic brand "éphēlis" and can be used as an incense holder for "Incense Washi Paper" or as an objet d'art.

Each piece is individually hand-painted and hand-rolled, and each has a different texture.
Please enjoy the time of looking at, touching, and spending time in peace and serenity.

Limited edition of 100 pieces with "Incense Washi Paper" (with serial number and guarantee card).

Packaged in SENSE OF HUMOUR's original paulownia wood box, it is the perfect gift for a loved one or a treat for yourself.


【Official website】

Ceramic artist Queenie Chan launched éphēlis as a personal project to subvert established standards of beauty.

The subject matter of her work is femininity and intimacy.
Her first collection, "Femme," was an exploration of form and function, celebrating the female body and advancing the idea of accepting beauty with its flaws.
Her latest work, "Listening to Stone," was created to encourage a moment of stillness and clarity, encouraging the viewer to slow down and appreciate being.
"Femme," "Holding Stone," "Moon," "Dialogue. " "Listening to Stone"
The collection is presented in.