Incense Holder Listening to Stone No.6


This incense holder is a collaboration with the ceramic brand "éphēlis" and can be used as an incense holder for 「Incense Wasipaper」 or as an objet d'art.
Each piece is individually hand-painted and hand-rolled, and each has a different texture.
Please enjoy the time of looking at, touching, and spending peaceful time with them.

Limited edition of 100 pieces with 「Incense Washi Paper」 (with serial number and guarantee card).
(Includes a guarantee card with serial number).
Packaged in SENSE OF HUMOUR's original paulownia wood box, it is the perfect gift for a loved one or a treat for yourself.

éphēlis Incense Holder
éphēlis original cloth
Guarantee card with serial number
Incense eagle paper Sage
Incense Wasi paper (Japanese paper incense) Ylang-Ylang
SENSE OF HUMOUR in original paulownia wood box

*Limited quantities available, so the sale will end as soon as they are gone.
*Please note that each incense holder has a different texture, which cannot be selected.
*Discount code or coupon cannot be applied.

Listening to Stone No. 6
by Queenie Chan

The incense holder is the sixth piece in the Listening to Stone collection. It is inspired by the biography of sculptor Isamu Noguchi.

In its biography, there is a chapter on "making every piece according to the nature and characteristics of the stone," and another on "integrating the form and texture of every stone and sculpting a 'new' form for it, based on its particularities. But first and foremost, one must "Listen," that is, connect with the stone." And so it is.
As is true for people and things, everything has its own qualities and personality, and when placed in the right place, in the right group, and at the right time, one can shine and display one's best personality and "functionality".
But first, one must connect with oneself and listen to one's heart and soul to become aware of one's idiosyncrasies.

What I keep explaining about the above is that I feel there are so many lost souls in this world that we need "time" to reconnect with our own souls.
Feeling calm, reconnecting, and listening to one's own soul is so important in these times.

Ceramic artist Queenie Chan launched éphēlis as a personal project to subvert established standards of beauty.
The subject matter of her work is femininity and intimacy. Her first collection, "Femme," was an exploration of form and function, celebrating the female body and advancing the idea of accepting beauty with its flaws.
Her latest work, "Listening to Stone," was created to encourage a moment of stillness and clarity, encouraging the viewer to slow down and appreciate being.
"Femme," "Holding Stone," "Moon," "Dialogue. "Listening to Stone" collection.
The collection is currently being presented in the following collections.

Queenie Chan
Queenie Chan is a ceramic artist based in Hong Kong.
She graduated from the prestigious Central Saint Martins in London in 2014 with a BA in Fashion Knitwear and worked as a designer at the Parisian couture house Christian Dior.
She returned to Hong Kong from Europe in 2017 and began making ceramics.
She started éphēlis, which means "freckles" in ancient Greek, with the concept of "questioning stereotyped standards of beauty" by focusing on freckles, which she herself once felt complex about. She creates all of her works by hand and with a potter's wheel.

Incense Washi paper(Incense on Washi paper)
Washi paper incense releases its fragrance even when not lit.
It was created using the advanced technology of the Japanese incense industry.
The technique is to make Japanese paper with natural fragrance by hand,
Each piece is carefully handmade by craftsmen.
The exterior of the box is made of natural paulownia wood.
The paulownia box has excellent insect repellency, and when humidity is high, it expands to make the box airtight to prevent moisture from entering, and when it is dry, it contracts to improve air permeability, making it suitable for long-term storage.

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