SENSE OF HUMOUR will hold a "limited time only POPUP" of "Re:Valna", a medical-level cosmetics from Germany, at its flagship store in Minami Aoyama from June 20!

SENSE OF HUMOUR Minami Aoyama flagship store“What's Happen ” will start selling "Re:Valna," a skincare brand born in Germany, a country with advanced medical technology, at its shared gallery space from June 20, 2023 (Tue).

■Shared gallery space where creative and interesting things "happen"
Have you heard about "What's Happen", a pop-up store held irregularly at SENSE OF HUMOUR Minami Aoyama flagship store?

This is a limited-time store that offers a new shopping experience in a shared gallery space attached to the store.
The meaning of the shop is that creative and interesting things "happen" regardless of genre.
We regularly change the brands on display so that each time you visit the store, you will encounter new products.


 What's Happen started in December 2020.
For the first phase, we collaborated with the very popular French jewelry brand "Charlotte Chenet"
Our creative team produced a teaser movie that successfully reached not only customers but also people passing by the store.
The store also became a topic of conversation as it was the first in Japan to carry the new collection.

Since then, we have continued to hold POPUPs, and the event has become popular for its unique selection of domestic and international jewelry, cosmetics, up-and-coming apparel brands, and other items unique to SENSE OF HUMOUR.

See below for an overview, including brands with which we have collaborated in the past.

 ■What's Happen Vol. 6 is now open!
What's Happen Vol. 6, which will start on June 20, 2023, is a skincare brand "Re:Valna" born in Germany, a country with advanced medical care.

All of RIVARNA's basic cosmetics are produced in a factory in Germany, a country with advanced medical technology.
The factory that RIVARNA works with manufactures collagen sheets that are used as a substitute for skin in the medical field in Germany.
The products are all evidence-based, even though they are cosmetics.
The factory handles two serum products using "raw vitamin C" and "raw collagen," which are the core products of Rivarna.
This is a rare opportunity for visitors to actually hold in their hands and purchase skincare products made with dermatological research technology from Germany, which overturns the conventional concept of home care.


A skincare brand born in Germany, a country with advanced medical care, to welcome special occasions with a full me.


 Trust that all products have evidence and expectations of effectiveness,

Well-being beyond expectations with the technology and product power of Germany, an advanced medical country.

■Products handled

(1) Revalnasphere Ball Plus Liquid / Price: 14,080 yen (tax included)

≪79% raw vitamin C≫
Focusing on the fact that vitamin C begins to deteriorate as soon as it becomes liquid, we developed our own "slow freeze-drying technology" to maintain the vitamin C in a non-degraded state for an extended period of time, and then turned it into liquid for the first time before use to deliver raw vitamin C to the skin in its best condition.

The sphere balls, which look like white balls, contain 79% raw vitamin C (ascorbic acid).
The set includes the active liquid to dissolve the sphere balls.
This Hi-Vitamin C serum becomes liquid and complete for the first time before use.



 (2) Revarna Serum Spray / Price: 7,480 yen (tax included)

≪2,400 trillion collagen charge in 3 pushes≫
Spray-type serum containing bovine-derived collagen, which is 97% identical in structure to human collagen.
The collagen is extracted without destroying its molecular structure and retains its triple-helical structure, which makes it highly moisturizing and easily absorbed into the skin.
There is also evidence that it "reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles caused by dryness (*Efficacy evaluation tests have been conducted).
Experience the satisfying moisture and firmness of skin that "fresh collagen" provides, which belies the convenience of simply spraying it on.



 ■POPUP Overview
Period:June 20 (Tuesday) ~ August 31 (Thursday), 2023 No regular closing days during the period
Business hours:Weekdays 11:00~20:00 / Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 10:00~19:00
Location:SENSE OF HUMOUR Minami Aoyama flagship store (1F, 5-14-3 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo)
Access: 5-minute walk from Omotesando Station Exit B1
The products will also be available at the SENSE OF HUMOUR official online store at the same time.

SENSE OF HUMOUR official online store:
(*The online store will be permanently open after August 31)

■We have a gift for those who purchase! (First-come-first-served basis, ends when all are gone)
During the pop-up period, customers who purchase 16,500 yen or more (*1) including tax will receive one of Sense of Humour's Incense Washipaper (Japanese paper incense that emits fragrance even when not lit) ( ), which emits fragrance even when it is not lit, will be given as a gift (*2).

*1 There are no restrictions on SENSE OF HUMOUR products or Re:Valna products.
*2: Scent selection is not available for online store purchases.
If you purchase in-store, you may not be able to choose your fragrance depending on stock availability.
In case of using points, the amount must be 16,500 yen (tax included) or more after points are applied.