Hair care has moved from "no silicone" to "no rinse agent".

Rinse agent toxicity

It is common practice to apply treatment products (used collectively as rinses, conditioners, treatments, and hair masks) only to the ends of the hair and to avoid getting them on the scalp as much as possible.
It is also common practice to rinse them off so that they do not come in contact with the body.

"Is it because it clogs my pores if I put it on my scalp?"
"Isn't it supposed to be put on the damaged part of the hair, not on the scalp?"
"Is it because it feels slippery and uncomfortable on the skin?"
I think there are many people who are aware of each of these.
(It doesn't mean they are wrong.)

In fact, the treatment is so highly toxic that it should not be applied to the skin.
The main ingredient in the treatment, quaternary ammonium salts. also known as a rinse agent*, is involved.
This chemical is widely used in hair care products as well as clothing softeners and deodorant sprays.
Rinse agents, which instantly smooth hair, are essential ingredients in treatments to improve feel, but their toxicity cannot be ignored.

Shampoos and treatments are often compared to laundry.
Washing clothes in laundry detergent (shampoo) is followed by soaking in fabric softener (treatment).
The main ingredient in fabric softener is the same as a rinse agent.

Imagine putting fabric softener on your head...scary, isn't it?

*Rinse agents
Refers to quaternary ammonium salts and cationic (+ionic) surfactants. Typical ingredients include steartrimonium chloride and cetrimonium bromide.

Rinse agent that destroys cell membranes and causes skin problems

Rinse agents are ingredients with positive static electricity, which make hair supple but do not repair damage.

Human body cells are negatively charged with static electricity, so if a substance with positive static electricity is applied to the skin, it will destroy cell membranes and cause skin problems.


Deodorizing sprays rinse and disinfect by breaking down the cell membrane of bacteria and viruses. Humans are the same creatures, and they are equally irritating.

It remains on the skin and continues to cause strong irritation, leading to itchy scalp, redness, dandruff, acne on the back, and these problems.

Sense of Humor treatments do not use rinsing agents, which are feared to have a destructive effect on scalp and skin cells,
Sense of Humour's treatments do not use rinsing agents that may damage scalp and skin cells, and we use the highest quality ingredients with the least amount of irritation possible.