Treatment with at least 20 ml of argan oil

  Commitment to Treatment

Our goal was to create a treatment that would be even more effective without rinsing agents. Therefore, we substituted argan oil for rinse agents in our formulation.

Argan oil is a rare and valuable oil that can be extracted from only 1L of approximately 100kg of fruit, and is so expensive that even other manufacturers sell 30ml of argan oil for over 4,500 yen.

The argan oil used in our treatments is 100% organic argan oil from Morocco, free of any antioxidants, and certified by ECOCERT, an international organic certification organization.

Hair Care Benefits of Argan Oil

It is rich in nutrients such as linoleic acid and oleic acid as well as vitamin E, which is an excellent antioxidant, and is called the ultimate oil.

    • Improves the scalp environment and normalizes turnover.
    • Protects hair from external damage (ultraviolet rays, air conditioning, cigarette smoke, etc.)
    • Improves the scalp environment caused by internal damage (hormonal imbalance, stress, etc.)
    • Repair and moisturize damaged hair, such as split ends, split ends, and dry hair.
    • Suppresses dandruff and itchiness
    • Prevents the progression of hair loss and prevents hair loss from increasing.
    • Improves the oil balance of the scalp* Nurtures healthy, resilient, vibrant, and shiny hair

    A hair care product is said to be highly formulated if it contains 1ml, Bohemian Treatment contains at least 20ml of argan oil out of 250ml. It should be difficult to find a treatment on the market that contains this much.

    All Ingredients of Bohemian Dewey Treatment

    The list of all ingredients on the back of the treatment bottle lists the ingredients in descending order of content, with argan oil (argania spinosa kernel oil) listed third, which is the best proof of its high content.

    We hope you can see how luxurious and affordable this bottle is.