2019.11.27 RENEWAL!

Product Renewal

On November 27 (Wed.), we launched a product renewal!

The quality and functionality of the products have been maintained, but the packaging has been made more user-friendly and beautiful.
Prices have been lowered (except for oil) and capacities have been revised for daily use.

The containers are now unified with different solid colors for each item.
The shampoo and treatment are now in smart one-touch bottles that can be used with one hand,
Refills are also available at more affordable prices to ensure continued use.
Styling agents have been further refined in terms of ingredients while maintaining the same functionality. The contents are now more safe to use.

The website has also been renewed and opened.
The website has been relaunched with new visuals and a variety of new content to provide a smarter buying experience.

The journal page provides information on the products' special features as needed. The Journal page provides information about the appeal of the products that cannot be fully described in the product descriptions.
The gallery page features a collection of portraits taken using the styling products.
Each product page has a video showing how to use the styling products. It is recommended as a reference for styling.

We hope you enjoy the new Sense of Humour website as well as the products.