Must read if you are just starting to use shampoo treatments!

Effective use must be practiced at the beginning of use.

Here are some effective ways to use only our shampoo and treatment!


1.Pre-wash hair with hot water


(Rinse thoroughly if you want even more lather or if you use styling products all the time!)


2.Leave shampoo foam pack for 3 minutes after washing hair


(If you have time to spare, give it a try! Our shampoo is not just for washing. Leave it on to condition your hair and scalp.)


3.Leave treatment for 5 to 10 minutes


(By applying it to the scalp, you can care for your scalp at the same time. Wrapping a hot towel around the scalp is even more effective! ) Even for those who prefer to spend a short time on this treatment, we really want you to leave as much time as possible because it is a very special treatment. (If you have too much time on your hands, how about cleaning the drains?)


4.Rinse thoroughly


(You may often hear "rinse with some of the treatment left on," but rinse thoroughly.)


5.After towel drying, dry with a hair dryer.


(Wet hair should be wiped gently without scrubbing. For those with high damage, tangled hair, or static electricity, we recommend using with Dewey Elixir Oil!))


No real effect can be felt after just one use.ん

 Due to hair damage or products (shampoo, treatment, oil, etc.) used immediately before, a good feeling may not be felt immediately.

Sometimes hair gets caught when rinsing, but after two or three times of use, the excess additives will be stripped away and the feel of the product will gradually improve.

 We also do not recommend using it with other companies' products. This may sound like a sales pitch, but there is a risk of reapplying the extra additives that have been removed. If you must use it, we think it is okay to use it with additive-free products of 100% natural origin.

Some additives can remain in the hair for up to two weeks at most, so please be patient until the feel of the product improves.