Styling "points" and "surfaces

I would like to focus not on which product to choose for styling, but on how to apply it.

The extreme state of styling products on the hair can be divided into "point" or "surface" application. It is difficult to describe all the different types of styling products available these days, but here is a diagram showing how the nuance of styling products changes depending on how they are applied, using familiar styling products such as waxes and hair creams as examples.


 Apply as if rubbing in = dotting

When the styling product is applied by smoothing (gripping), it is applied in dots on the hair. Each strand of hair on the root side and the tip side is randomly glued together. As they overlap vertically, the volume increases, and as they overlap horizontally, they create more three-dimensional movement.


Hand-applied by hand = applied by surface

When applied evenly to the hair with a hand comb, it is applied in planes. Each strand of hair is attached to each other in a plane, so there is less overlapping of hair in dots. The more times the hair is brushed, the more evenly it is applied, but on the other hand, the less volume and definition it will have.


Apply styling products from the root.

It is important that both of these products are applied firmly from the roots. By applying from the root, hair volume can be controlled, and by creating movement in the hair bundles from the root, it is possible to achieve a finish that does not give the impression of being too complicated.

This is one of the reasons why it is often said that one of the most important points in using our styling products is to apply them firmly from the root.