The relationship between shiny hair and light

Every woman longs to have shiny hair.

Let me talk about why hair looks shiny!

First of all, light is essential for us to see objects. When the sun or fluorescent light shines on an object, part of the light is absorbed by the object's surface and the rest is reflected. When the reflected light enters our eyes, we can recognize it as an object. This property of light is why hair can be seen as hair.

Depending on the amount of pigment, light can also penetrate into the interior of the hair and make it appear transparent and three-dimensional. In order to make hair look beautiful, it is necessary to take care not to scatter reflected light as much as possible.

The elements that make hair look lack luster are related to "cavities inside the hair" and "cuticle damage. Color, perm treatment, and improper shampooing cause the internal components of the hair to flow out, creating cavities in the hair. In addition, damaged and rough cuticles further promote light scattering.

Because of this mechanism, damaged hair has no luster. Daily care is important to improve this.