What is the "hair cycle," the cycle of hair growth?

Each hair also has a life span and undergoes a cycle of regrowth and shedding. Just as your skin has a metabolic cycle called turnover, hair also has a cycle called the hair cycle.

This cycle has three phases: "the growth phase" "the regression phase" and "the resting phase"

the growth phase 2-6 years Approximately 90% of total hair 
New hair grows and grows vigorously. 
  the regression phase 1 to 1,5 months Approximately 1% of total hair 
Growth stops. The area around the pore becomes thin and easily falls out.
the resting phase 4-5 months Approximately 10% of total hair
It stays in the pore. It exits spontaneously.


Hair care commercials and advertisements often use the catchphrase "prevent hair loss."Because of this image, many people seem to be consciously taking care of their hair that is falling out. About 10% of all hair that falls out is hair that has stopped growing, so it falls out naturally. What we really need to focus on is the remaining approximately 90% of hair that is in the growth phase.

Once the cycle is normalized, the scalp environment will improve. Since the length of the growth phase is maintained, the span between the growth phase and the degrowth phase is lengthened, resulting in less frequent hair loss. We can also expect the growth phase to be extended further, so we would like to take care of our hair for a maximum of 6 years!

The key here is whether you are choosing hair care products that can normalize the cycle. For example, highly cleansing shampoos can cause excessive sebum production in the scalp, which is a typical cause of hair cycle disruption. While good physical condition and balanced nutrition are prerequisites, choosing the right hair care products is just as important.

Bohemian hair care series to regulate hair cycle 

Bohemian shampoo and treatment are recommended to improve scalp environment. Rose water and argan oil reset the disordered hair cycle. Continued use can be expected to extend the growth period. The shampoo and treatment are 100% naturally derived, yet they foam well and do not cause hair to creak.