Hair dryer (Cado Quora)


BD-E2(hair dryer)

Nose-less Hair Dryer
As a daily "tool", it is easier to use, more comfortable in the hand, and delivers "optimum airflow" to the skin without waste.
The P-form was created in pursuit of these goals.
The P-Form incorporates all the functions that are required in a hair dryer, which were thought to be indispensable for a hair dryer.
The new standard, P-Form, will make your daily routine a time of healing.

Like controlling a part of your own hand.
By eliminating the nose portion of the hair dryer, the main unit weighs only about 400 g. In addition, the easy-to-grip grip shape and indentations that increase the sense of hold make it less tiring to use for long periods of time, and fatigue during use is reduced dramatically.
The center of gravity is also placed at your hand, which makes styling easier.

- Three points that are gentle to hair and skin -
01. Industry's top class large airflow

While the energy-saving design has a rated power consumption of 1,000W, it achieves a powerful airflow of 2.2 m³/min, which is the industry's top class.
Furthermore, the far-infrared effect provides a warming effect on the scalp for fast drying even at low temperatures.

02. Not too hot for hair

The maximum temperature is set at 85°C to minimize damage to hair and prevent excessive drying.

03. Air quality that cares for hair and skin

In addition to negative ions, a ceramic cartridge that radiates "far-infrared rays" with high efficiency is placed at the air outlet, and "far-infrared rays" are also radiated from the ceramic-coated heater wires, The dual far-infrared ray structure gently cares for hair and skin.

Easy-to-grip grip shape and indentations for increased hold
Easy to grip and less tiring. Because it is a "tool" used every day, we have made it easy to use with shortening time and without load.

Intuitive buttons

Simple design with a focus on intuitive operability.

Easy to place even in a small space

The elimination of the nose allows the tool to easily stand on its own, so it can be placed anywhere and takes up little space when stored.
It can be conveniently placed in a small space on a vanity or dresser while styling.

Functional storage

One of the major problems with hair dryers is storage.
The optional steel stand allows for more functional storage, including attachments.

Warranty Covered Products

You will be able to download the delivery note from the shipment completion e-mail.
Please print out the delivery note and keep it with you for one year from the date of purchase to be covered by the warranty.
*Consumables and replacements are not covered.

Power source AC100V 50/60Hz
Power consumption 1,000W
Airflow 2.2 ㎥/min
Hot air temperature Approx. 85°C (at room temperature of 30°C with air volume set to "2")
Dimensions W110 × H250 × D60 mm
Weight Approx. 400 g (excluding cord)
Power cord length Approx. 1.8 m
Accessories Styling nozzle, strap, instruction manual and warranty card, cleaning brush

*Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice.