Value + Nature = Valna, a coined word,
and Re:Valna pursues the essence (Real) of cosmetics.

Re:Valna was created to rethink the state of cosmetics
as they exist today and to create something truly valuable.

Re:Valna has
teamed up with a factory in Germany, an advanced medical country,
to overturn the conventional concept of home care, aiming to create skin care that reaches the skin.

In order to maximize the appeal of the main ingredients in each product,
we also focused on a simple design that eliminates unnecessary elements.

We will continue to be the brand of choice and loved by our customers
by earnestly providing Evidence Based Cosmetics.


  • Sphere Ball Plus Liquid

    Uplifting skin care time, freshly made raw vitamin C.

  • serum spray

    The joy of being generously bathed in concentrated raw collagen, and the satisfaction of skin and mind filled with contentment.