A traditional British handmade brand
established 150 years ago

A special hairbrush
that nurtures my beauty

The more you brush your hair, the more pleasure you get out of it.
You can find the right hairbrush for every hair type
from the optimal bristle texture, hardness, and size for your hair type, hair style, age, and purpose.

  • POINT01

    Natural black boar hair from North India

    Boar bristles, which contain just the right amount of moisture and oil,
    also prevent static electricity, the great enemy of cuticles.
    Also, with repeated use, the oil content in the boar bristles will blend in and grow to be even gentler on the hair.

  • POINT02

    Hollow structure cushion pad

    Even hard boar bristles do not hurt the scalp and give a moderate touch of massage.

  • POINT03


    Even now, 150 years after its establishment,
    skilled craftsmen still take time to make each item one by one using traditional methods.


hardy boar hair 100%

Ideal for those with voluminous hair and those who desire a strong brushing action. Uses rare hard boar bristles.

Wild boar bristles + nylon bristles

For frizzy or stiff hair, this mixed type has excellent brushability. A stylist's top choice.

wild boar hair 100%

The most popular and versatile type. A standard suitable for "the first bottle".

soft boar hair 100%

Suitable for children, seniors, and other delicate hair types. Low irritation and gentle brushing for the scalp.

Military Hairbrush

Traditional handle-less hairbrush. One that is easy to use for short hair and men.

hair comb

Simple classic design, handmade comb with smooth combing action