baton stick hair dryer


BD-S1 (stick-type hair dryer)

This stick changes every day.

Based on the original idea of pursuing the ideal shape of a hair dryer over 5 years since 2017,
 we have realized both lightweight and efficient air blowing function in the size of a relay competition baton.
The "baton," the ideal shape that cado has been pursuing,
 makes daily hair drying "fatigue-free," "fast," and "just as you want it.

Approx. 298g *1, Pursuit of weight-saving design

We aimed for "Zero Gravity".
We have realized a hair-drying experience that is less tiring even when using the hair dryer with the arms raised and that significantly reduces fatigue when using the hair dryer.
The stick shape, with a length of 277mm and a diameter of 38.5mm,
 has been thoroughly slimmed down to 298g*1 by eliminating waste,
 and the aluminum alloy body, which feels as if it is absorbing into your hand,
combines functionality and design, making this hair dryer easy for anyone to use.
*1 Excluding power cord and curling brush

Industry-leading*2 airflow

The stick shape is not just compact.
The ultra-lightweight and powerful Kadoh HSDC motor is newly developed,
energy-saving design with a rated power consumption of 800W,
The airflow is powerful at approximately 2.0 m3/min, which is the industry's top class*2. The new motor applies the air blowing technology that cado has cultivated in the air conditioning appliance industry,
This overturns the conventional wisdom that a large hair dryer is the most powerful hair dryer.
*2As of October, 2022, according to a survey by Cado Co.

Unique stick shape. Straight-line airflow for fast drying from the roots of the hair.

The ideal distance between the dryer and hair is approximately 20 cm.
The noseless stick shape naturally achieves this optimal distance by simply raising the arm.
The optimal airflow and heat are delivered precisely to the targeted area, from the top of the head to the ends of the hair, and even the back of the head, which is difficult to dry, can be dried efficiently and in a short time.
While it takes a lot of effort to dry hair with a normal nose dryer, the stick-shaped baton can dry hair easily.

Hair-friendly, styling temperature control

The temperature can be adjusted in 4 levels (high, medium, low, and styling*3), with the hottest temperature set at 85℃ to minimize damage to the hair and prevent over-drying.
The brand's original honeycomb vent (air vent) and curling brush plate are coated with a coating that radiates red hot air, and in addition to the dual red hot wire structure, the warm air with negative ions will gently care for your hair and skin.
*3 When the air temperature is set to "Styling", the air temperature will alternate between warm and cold air.

Easy 2-in-1 styling. Easy styling with a curling brush.

The curling brush can be easily attached with a magnet, and the unit can also be used as a curling dryer for speedy styling.
These compact dryer works can also be used to fine-tune hair volume control.
The sides can be held back, the top can be voluminous, and the hair can be styled with airy curls.

Equipped with a non-twist mechanism that allows the cord to rotate 360 degrees

The non-twist mechanism allows the cord portion to rotate 360 degrees.
This eliminates the hassle of tangled cords.

Unparalleled portability

The slim stick shape allows for stress-free carrying in a small bag on short trips or business trips.
You can enjoy the same styling as usual while traveling.

Thin and compact size, ideal for carrying around

The included pouch is thin and compact, ideal for carrying.
Open zipper for easy opening and closing.
With a pocket that can also hold a curling brush
It can also be functionally stored.

Guaranteed products

You will be able to download the delivery note from the shipment completion e-mail.
Please print out the delivery note and keep it with you,
The warranty is valid for one year from the date of purchase.
*Consumables and replacements are not covered.

Body color Silver / White
Power source AC 100V 50 -60Hz
Power consumption Approx. 800W (at high temperature and maximum output)
Wattage About 2.0㎥/min
Size Approx. 277mm in height x 38.5mm in diameter
Weight Approx. 298g (excluding power cord and curling brush)
Length of power cord Approx. 1.7m
Safety devices Over-temperature-preventing device (thermostat/thermal fuse)
Accessories Curling brush, carrying pouch, instruction manual (warranty card)