We design for atmosphere.Designing the Air

Cado is a brand that creates "beautiful air" and "comfortable atmosphere"
"Unparalleled technical capabilities" and "beautiful forms" that make the best use of such capabilities
In order to maintain both of these axes, we place great importance on manufacturing with a particular attention to detail.

  • Technology

    cado air purifiers debuted in 2012 with the world's No.l(*) performance.
    We were the first Japanese manufacturer to achieve the highest CADR value. Furthermore, our proprietary photocatalytic technology extends the life of the filter.

    The humidifier launched the following year still continues to evolve to protect the living environment from dryness and viruses by controlling water inside the unit and bacteria in the air.
    We are constantly striving to propose value propositions that improve the quality of life through innovative products that combine world-class performance with universal beauty.

    (*)Acquired the world's No.1 clean air supply rate in October 2012.

    Cado Air Purifier (first generation model AP-C700) became the first Japanese manufacturer to receive
    the world's highest CADR (clean air delivery rate) rating, a global standard for air purifiers set by AHAM (American Home Appliance Manufacturers Association) (October 2012).

  • Design

    The common desire for all Cadeau products is to pursue universal "beauty" , "usability" , and "excitement"
    It is to pursue universal beauty, ease of use, and excitement.
    The interesting appearance when placed in a space. A heart that is uplifted every time it is seen. A comfortable life that begins the moment it is activated.
    Cadeau creates products that are close to people through the power of design.


  • baton stick
    hair dryer

    This stick changes every day.

  • Hair dryer
    (Cado Quora)

    Dryer without a nose

  • Stand for exclusive use of Hair dryer (Cado Quora)

  • Straight hair iron

    Hair irons created as "professional tools"

  • STEM Mini
    Mobile Diffuser

    Palm-sized multi-diffuser
    that can be carried anywhere

  • Aroma liquid for STEM Mini

  • STEM Portable Humidifier

    Portable humidifier with battery for use anywhere

  • SAP002 sterilizer-deodorizer

    Speeds removal of bacteria and viruses floating in the air

  • STREAM1800
    Sterilization circulator

    Breezes that create a pleasant atmosphere