【On sale July 7 at noon】Notice of release of Washi paper (Japanese paper incense)

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We are pleased to announce that "Incense Washi Paper (Japanese paper incense)" will be available from July 7 (Thu.) at noon.

Incense on Japanese paper that emits fragrance even when not lit

Washi incense was created using the advanced techniques of the Japanese incense industry.
Each piece is carefully handmade by craftsmen using the technique of soaking Japanese paper in natural fragrances.
The outer box is made of natural paulownia wood.
The paulownia box has excellent insect repellency, and when humidity is high, it expands to make the box airtight to prevent moisture from entering, and when it is dry, it contracts to improve air permeability.

Two types of fragrances are available.
●Sage: Sage fragrance purifies the air and improves concentration.
●Ylang-ylang: Sweet and mellow floral fragrance. It eases tension and makes one feel elegant and relaxed.

●Product name: Incense Washi Paper (Japanese paper incense)
●Release date: July 7, 2022 (Thursday)
●Scent: Two types in total (sage and ylang-ylang scents)
●Contents: 3 incense sheets of 45 x 90 mm
●Amount: 3,300 yen each (tax included)

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