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About the Brand
〜La Bouche Rouge's Promise Responsibility as a cosmetics brand〜

True luxury in today's world means that everything from formulas to packaging is sustainable.

Considering the serious environmental problems facing our planet today, sustainable production and consumption are essential.
La Bouche Rouge wants women to understand the benefits of sustainable consumption by fundamentally changing what they use every day, such as their makeup tools.

Unlike many greenwash brands, La Bouche Rouge is a clean cosmetics brand that does not use any plastic, including recycled plastic, in its products.

La Bouche Rouge's Core Values

The use of plastic in all aspects of the brand has led to a more unique idea for a cosmetic brand: La Bouche Rouge does not use recycled plastic. La Bouche Rouge does not use recycled plastic either, because plastic also causes environmental pollution in the recycling process. Instead of disposable plastic packaging, La Bouche Rouge has created packaging made of recyclable materials that can be used interchangeably with the cosmetics.
La Bouche Rouge is not only committed to operating an eco-friendly brand, but as a citizen of the earth, we are also passionate about improving the global environment. La Bouche Rouge regularly donates a portion of its sales to Eau Vive Internationale, an NGO that teaches and supports the construction of wells in the Republic of Togo to ensure sanitary drinking water. For every lipstick sold, 100 liters of drinking water is delivered to the people of Togo.

La Bouche Rouge develops all of its products in its own laboratory in Orléans, in the north of France. The presence of an in-house laboratory was essential in order to closely control every step of the product development process, and only raw materials for La Bouche Rouge products meet the strict criteria set by the brand, which examines all aspects of quality, efficacy, and production background. Therefore, our customers can be confident that La Bouche Rouge products are made with respect for man and the environment.

La Bouche Rouge packaging is designed to last a lifetime, not to be disposable. The beautifully designed packaging, which makes full use of French craftsmanship, is so beautifully crafted that it is almost impossible to imagine ever throwing it away. In the overconsumed cosmetics industry, I think it is important to communicate the value of using things carefully for a long time.

La Bouche Rouge has always been inspired by artists: artists, designers, and photographers are essential to La Bouche Rouge's vision of the future, and their creativity brings the brand's worldview to life. In 2020, La Bouche Rouge will present a collaboration with an international contemporary artist with a unique vision of sustainability.

No harmful additives, petroleum ingredients, silicone, or microplastics for the body.
Patented to go beyond green beauty products. We also oppose animal testing of cosmetics and do not do it ourselves.

Green Beauty Products are...
Products that are all natural, sustainable, and made from renewable resources.

Upcycled leather is used.

La Bouche Rouge leather cases are made of leather from The Tanneries du Puy, a tannery in Auvergne, south-central France, which is certified by the French government as an "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" (an organization that passes on intangible cultural assets). La Bouche Rouge will present a collection of leather cases that match the season and trends by carefully selecting the remaining edges of Dupuy's fine leathers. La Bouche Rouge also offers the service of engraving on leather cases.

Red Serum
A serum made with 90% natural ingredients.
The Red Serum formula used in the lipstick was developed exclusively by La Bouche Rouge in its own laboratory in France.

After six years of research, La Bouche Rouge has succeeded in developing an infinitely pure lipstick that is free of beeswax, synthetic waxes, silicones, etc., and offers exceptional comfort.

La Bouche Rouge lipsticks have a soft, rich, powder-free texture that lasts all day. The high concentration of squalane and organic jojoba oil melts on the lips the moment they are touched. The lipstick is infused with an ultra-high concentration of pigments for a vibrant color that perfectly envelops the lips in beautiful color.

La Bouche Rouge lipstick beautifies and protects the lips at the same time. The lips are deeply moisturized with the essence of hyaluronic acid and seaweed, the essence of the sea from Saint-Malo, a town in Brittany on the English Channel.

Red Serum is vegan, cruelty-free, and safe for use by pregnant women.

Le Serum Noir
The world's first mascara packaged in 100% recycled glass.

The Bottle: Innovative, jewel-like packaging.

Mascara packaging is based on a variety of innovative ideas.
The well-designed glass bottle is recyclable.
The glass bottles are made by artisans certified by the French government as "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant," a traditional glassworking technique with a history of more than 100 years.

The mascara brush is the world's first microplastic-free brush made of castor fiber. It was designed to give lashes length and thickness without clumping.

Made of bio-materials instead of plastic, the mascara volume can be adjusted by using the ring attached to the mouth of the bottle.

The cap is made of semi-permanently recyclable metal.

After use, please dispose of the glass bottle on your glass waste collection day in accordance with your local recycling rules.

This mascara is made with natural ingredients to promote hair growth.

La Bouche Rouge mascara makes lashes look beautiful while simultaneously promoting hair growth. This is the ideal combination effect for attractive lashes.
Made with 99% natural ingredients and no microplastics, La Bouche Rouge mascara is coated with a beautiful black color while preserving the suppleness of the lashes with the help of carnival wax from the palm tree. Natural ingredients also nourish the lashes.
Infused with castor fiber and jojoba oil, the mascara gives lashes spectacular volume with just one coat. The natural ingredients nourish and promote hair growth while maintaining lash volume throughout the day.
Enjoy glamorous, 60s-style eyes that stand up beautifully from root to tip with La Bouche Rouge mascara.

Le Clou Noir

La Bouche Rouge's eyeliner, with its ultra-concentrated pigments, is ideal for creating strong eyes. They are made with 98% natural ingredients such as caster oil, squalane, and vitamin E.
La Bouche Rouge's eyeliner is smooth to apply and creates a powdery texture on the eyes. The eyeliner is made of cedar wood for its pen part and semi-permanently recyclable metal for its cap.
The eyeliner is produced in Esdin (Hesdin I'Abbé), a town on the Côte d'Havard coast in northern France.

Refill Powder
La Terre Natural Bronzer

Keeps skin glowing and shiny all day long while moisturizing the skin.

Microplastic, talc and silicone free, 95% natural ingredients.
Hyaluronic acid and rice powder ingredients keep skin hydrated for a long time.
Uses natural pigments to reproduce excellent purity and brightness of color.

The use of natural ingredients keeps the skin hydrated while maintaining a radiant skin glow. Glow with a light, sheer, luminous veil as if kissed by the sun.

Natural Bronzer comes with a compact made of 100 & recycled metal.

Natural Bronzer is available in three colors: Blonde, Brune, and Intense.


Refills & Powders
La Lumiere Natural Highlighter

Keeps skin hydrated and maintains a healthy, luminous skin glow all day long.

Microplastic, talc and silicone free, 95% natural ingredients.
Hyaluronic acid and rice powder ingredients keep skin hydrated for longer periods of time.
It is also made with mica mined in a sustainable and ethical way, obtained through the Responsible Mica Initiative.

The natural-colored pigments diffuse light across the face with a variety of color shifts.
The subtle hues of the Natural Highlighter make the skin radiant, while beautifully capturing the features of each face.
Apply the Natural Highlighter gently with fingertips to the area to be highlighted.

The Natural Highlighter comes in a 100% recycled metal compact.

Refill Powder
Les Sombres

Natural Eye Shadow
Keeps your eyes beautiful all day long while moisturizing the skin.

Talc- and silicone-free and made with 95% natural ingredients.
The creamy eyeshadow is gentle and long-lasting, while maintaining skin hydration thanks to hyaluronic acid and shea butter ingredients.
The ultra-high concentration of pigments creates a strong eye look with a single application, whether applied with fingers or a brush.

The matte texture and diverse colors, which catch the light and change in various ways, give a natural glow to the eyes, making this eyeshadow ideal for creating a smoker's look.

The harmony of carbon's colors, which catch the light and change in various ways.

Four bright colors for an elegant smoky eye.
A century ago, the delta formed by the Colorado River was home to more than 500 species of plants and fish, many of which have disappeared to this day. The color palette is inspired by the beautiful Lake Mead.

Matte beige harmony。
繊Four beige and sandy matte shades for a subtle smokey eye.
The Taj River in Spain is disappearing due to global warming, irrigation, and the expansion of aggresive farmland. This color palette is inspired by the beautiful Taj River.

The harmony of purple changes in a variety of ways as it catches the light.
Four purple shades for a bold smokey eye.
The Aral Sea was once the fourth largest lake on earth, but by today, 90% of it has disappeared. The color palette is inspired by the beautiful Aral Sea.

The harmony of browns that catch the light and change in various ways.
Four brown shades for glamorous smoky eyes.
Lake Chilwa in Africa has almost completely disappeared to this day.
How should the locals, who have lost their water source, live in the future?
With this in mind, a color palette inspired by Lake Chilwa

The harmony of pink that catches the light and changes in various ways.
Four pinkish colors for gentle smoky eyes.。
Once an oasis for birders migrating across the continent, Salton Lake has almost completely disappeared to this day.
The color palette is inspired by such a beautiful Salton Lake.

*Natural eye shadow has a gold plate made of 100% recycled metal.
*This is a refill only product. Please use it in a powder case (sold separately).


Brushes are created using traditional Japanese brush-making techniques.

La Bouche Rouge created brushes specifically for natural bronzer and natural eye shadow.
The brushes were created in Osaka using traditional Japanese brush-making techniques and vegan hair.
The consistency of the Natural Bronzer and Natural Eyeshadow powder was determined for this brush, so that it would glide onto the skin with ease, movement, and a gentle touch.

For the natural bronzer, a large brush was used to apply the powder evenly over the face.
For natural eye shadow, a small brush was used for multiple layers of application.
The bristles are specially shaped to ensure that even the finest bristles do not miss a single strand.


Lip Care

Microplastic-free, La bouche rouge lip care involves two steps

Natural micro abrasives smooth lips by removing dead skin cells and revitalizing the skin.

Night serum:
An ultra-high concentration of vegetable squalane and vitamin E hydrates the skin to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles on the lips.
A 7-day treatment is recommended for hydrated, smooth, plump lips.

Step 1: Scrub to remove dead skin cells.

After a year of research, La Bouche Rouge's development team discovered the most effective ingredients for lip care.
Vegetable oil and cranberry grains were chosen for the scrub.
La Bouche Rouge uses only ingredients that meet the strict criteria set by the brand, which examines all aspects of quality, efficacy, and production background.
The scrub removes dead skin cells and stimulates cell renewal, restoring radiance to the lips.
Apply in a circular motion, massaging the lips.
It is most effective when used on days 1 and 4 of the treatment.

Step 2: Mask lips with night serum.

Apply a generous amount of Night Serum, which contains an ultra-high concentration of Vegetable Squalane and Vitamin E, to the lips before bedtime.
Use daily for 7 days for the duration of the treatment.
While you sleep, the Night Serum gently envelops your lips and allows nutrients to penetrate.
The powerful combination of vitamin E and natural, cold-extracted oils firms the lips while eliminating fine lines and wrinkles.
Whether you wear vivid or natural nude lipstick, Night Serum creates the perfect base.



Nicolas Gerlier
La bouche rouge Founder

What motivated you to start La Bouche Rouge?

After working for a large cosmetics company for so long, I now wanted to start a project based on values that I believe in.
As a parent of three children, I wanted to show them that they could change the world with their own actions through La Bouche Rouge.
To bring attention to the issue of plastic waste, I started an eco-friendly, plastic-free cosmetic brand.
I wanted to create beautiful products that people would want to pick up. I wanted to create beautiful products that women would want to pick up and use for a long time.
I also wanted to work with artisans and artists from my home country of France.
To create a brand that is contemporary, intelligent, creative, and with a clear purpose: to address environmental issues.
Revolution begins with the choices we make every day!
La Bouche Rouge leads that revolution. It is an expression of sexuality and exuberance.

What kind of cosmetics will be needed in the future?

Witnessing the rapid changes in the global environment, it will be impossible for humans to continue the wasteful habits of the 20th century.
Therefore, I do not believe that products that destroy the earth, our home, are luxury.
La Bouche Rouge seeks to bring positive change to the environment, society, and mankind through its economic activities. In all aspects of our business activities.
This philosophy is the driving force behind the creation of environmentally and human friendly products using only natural ingredients.
The future needs cosmetics that are completely plastic-free.
Surprisingly, since 1950, only 9% of plastic waste has been recycled and 12% incinerated. Most of it is either landfilled or dumped on land or in the ocean. The cosmetics industry has the potential to make a significant difference in this problem.
This is because the cosmetics industry continues to be the second largest source of pollution after automobiles and fashion. Knowing this fact was motivation enough for La Bouche Rouge to remain a clean cosmetics brand.
La Bouche Rouge is committed to being plastic-free, from development to production to store shelves.

"The revolution begins with the choices we make every day!"

Was using recycled plastic not an option?

Using recycled plastic is the opposite of sustainability. This is because recycled plastic is still an imperfect material.
It is almost impossible to recycle 100% of it. Inevitably, microplastics remain.
To avoid this, a completely new approach is needed. La Bouche Rouge seeks to put an end to the cosmetics industry's bad habit of disposability by creating beautiful products that can never be thought of as throw-away.

How did you come up with the mascara brush using castor fiber?

We mold them in the same way as conventional brushes. However, it is not plastic that is poured into the mold, but rather castor fiber. Of course, the brush can continue to be used until the mascara runs out. The La Bouche Rouge mascara brush is the first brush in the world without microplastics.

What material is used for the case?

We use an alloy of zinc, aluminum, magnesium, and copper with some recycled metals. This alloy is durable and semi-permanently recyclable. Their weight prevents machines from incorrectly identifying them during the recycling process.

Why did you decide to incorporate leather?

La Bouche Rouge uses scraps of leather that luxury brands do not use in their products. In this way, we can simultaneously address the dual goals of protecting the environment and preserving traditions.
In this way, we are now able to transmit the traditional savoir-faire that France is proud of through our products. La Bouche Rouge also offers vegan leather options. Needless to say, all makeup is vegan.

What Should I Know About Microplastics?

Microplastics can be harmful to the human body. Microplastics can get into your eyes when you apply makeup such as mascara, eye shadow, and glitter. If they come in contact with mucous membranes, they can even cause eye diseases. An American study shows that 30% of the microplastics in makeup products end up in the eyes after makeup application. La Bouche Rouge makeup contains no microplastics and can be used with contact lenses.


Store Development
La bouche rouge has 63 stores worldwide.




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