Announced the launch of the hairbrush brand "Mason Pearson" EC!

The hairbrush brand "Mason Pearson", which has been very popular at the in-store POPUP, will start EC sales on October 16.

Please check out Mason Pearson's brushes, which are called the best handmade brushes!

■EC sales start
Sales will begin at 1:00 p.m. on October 16


Mason Pearson, the pinnacle of handmade brushes, has been in business for 150 years and is the pride of England.
The "Rolls Royce of the hairbrush world," a must-have for hairstylists and celebrities around the world.

【The best of British traditional and handmade brushes for 150 years.】
There is a story that has been passed down through the generations at Mason Pearson.
There is a story about an 80-year-old woman who used one of Mason Pearson's hairbrushes for more than a dozen years.

The hairbrush has been a part of one woman's life and has been loved by her for many years.
From this episode, it is easy to imagine the quality and durability of the Mason Pearson hairbrush.

The first Mason Pearson founded his fine brush workshop in London, England in 1862.
As a master craftsman and a brilliant inventor, he conducted numerous studies.
He created the finest hair brushes using premium boar bristles (black bristles) from North India and a unique hollow structure with cushioned pads, based on his strong belief that "brushes must be made of boar bristles.
Mason Pearson's will to "create the finest brushes by hand, one by one, by skilled craftsmen using the finest materials" continues to be passed down to this day.

All Mason Pearson products are handcrafted by skilled artisans.
Some artisans dedicated 70 years of their lives, from the age of 14 to 84, to making brushes.

This dedication and rarity are highly valued by the world's top hair stylists and celebrities, and Mason Pearson hair brushes are sometimes referred to as the "Rolls Royce of the brush world"

Advantages of boar bristle and cushion brushes -Why” MASON PEARSON”?-
Mason Pearson, the founder of Mason Pearson, was in search of the best brush and finally found the material in boar bristle.

Today, 150 years after its establishment, Mason Pearson continues to use 100% boar bristle (black bristle) from North India.
The boar bristles are very hard compared to pig bristles, so they are easy to brush through when brushing hair, and the moderate moisture and oil content prevents static electricity, the great enemy of cuticles, and leads to beautiful hair.

The durability of the brush is as mentioned above, and one of its features is that as it is used, the boar bristles further acclimate to the oil and change to a more suitable condition for brushing.
The cushion pad on the bristle implant is the greatest invention by the founder, Mr. Mason Pearson.
This cushion pad makes it possible to massage even hard boar bristles with a moderate touch without damaging the scalp, improving blood circulation to the skin and nurturing shiny hair.

This unique cushioning can only be created by hand, and the finest boar bristles are carefully crafted into Mason Pearson hairbrushes by the skillful hands of our artisans.

The immeasurable "tradition," "skill," and "belief" that go into each and every hairbrush...
This is why Mason Pearson hairbrushes continue to be loved by top stylists and celebrities around the world, and why they are considered a must-have product.

Significance of Brushing -Brushing is treatment-
Brushing is not just about "shampooing" hair.
Mason Pearson, the founder of the company, believed that "the purpose of brushing is to stimulate the scalp and distribute nutrients from the hair follicles to the entire hair shaft"
His idea is known as the "conditioning treatment effect," and today it has become a common practice in hair care.

How can we make use of the advantage of boar bristles, which is that they "blend well with hair cuticles and gently remove dirt from hair," while at the same time not damaging the scalp due to the stiffness of boar bristles?
Mason Pearson's search for the answer led him to the cushion pad, which he developed himself.

By adopting a hollow pad for the bristles and cushioning them with air, Mason Pearson was able to create the ideal conditioning treatment: a hairbrush that provides moderate stimulation while improving circulation to the scalp.

The cushion pad makes it an excellent hair treatment tool.
Mason Pearson is the hairbrush that will help you get closer to your ideal hair texture.