Scent of Happiness, Lotus

Here is a little story about Lotus (lotus flower oil), which is blended in Sense of Humor's fragrance, Bohemian Dewey.

Lotus grows in muddy water, and the dirtier the mud, the bigger and more beautiful the flower. It has religious connotations because it cannot grow in clean water, and is quoted in Buddhism as teaching that one must experience suffering and sorrow (mud) to attain enlightenment (beautiful blooms). It is positioned as a symbolic flower in Buddhism because of the way it grows out of mud and blooms beautifully.

It is said to have a calming, mood-refreshing, and purifying effect on the mind. It is not only fragrant, but also moisturizes the skin and hair!

The uplifting effect in the complex fragrance of Bohemian Dewey is due to lotus.