What is HUMOUR?

We are talking about the "humor" in the Sense of Humor brand name.

What is humor in this language? Many people may think of something related to 'laughter' such as puns and jokes when they think of it.

A quick look up of the word "humor" in the English-Japanese dictionary reveals the meaning of "tdisposition or temperamentt" in addition to the words "the laughter that oozes from human life," "elegant banter," and "humor.
The word "laughter" as recognized in Japan does not mean "disposition or temperament" but there are some differences.

This has to do with the etymology of humor.

The word "humor" comes from the Latin word humor, meaning body fluid. In ancient and medieval times, it was believed that a person's character and temperament were determined by the balance of four kinds of bodily fluids: yellow bile, black bile, blood, and mucus.

Because of these vestiges, the word "humor" seems to mean not only fun, but also a person's individuality and originality.