This Japanese paper incense emits fragrance even when it is not lit.

It was born from the advanced technology of the Japanese incense industry. Each piece is carefully handmade by craftsmen using the technique of soaking Japanese washi paper in natural fragrance.

The outer box is made of natural paulownia wood. The paulownia box has excellent mothproofing properties, and when humidity is high, it expands to make the box airtight to prevent moisture from entering, and when it is dry, it contracts to improve ventilation, making it suitable for long-term storage.

The product is available in the following two scents.

Sage: Sage scent purifies the air and improves concentration.

Ylang-Ylang: A sweet, mellow floral fragrance. It eases tension and makes you feel elegant and relaxed.

Contents : 3 incense sheets of 45x90mm

Tear along the perforations and light it on fire. Place it on a nonflammable mat placed on an ashtray and enjoy the fragrance. You can also put it in your closet, chest drawer, wallet, or business card case, or attach it to a letter to send the fragrance to your loved ones...enjoy it in various ways.


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