SAP002 Sterile deodorizer


SAP002 (sterilization/deodorization machine)

for one's own protection

Sap penetrates through the bark to expel bacteria from the inside of trees and to prevent bacteria from entering through wounds.
SAP breaks down and removes odor-causing bacteria and, like sap, protects the pleasant air around you.

Functional and compact appearance for any placement

The exterior is made of plastic with antibacterial resin.
Because it is placed in a place where there are odors, a material that is difficult to smell is used.
Cool gray and white colors have been newly added to fit in with the interior design.
In addition to its compact and easy-to-carry design, the rounded silhouette creates a soft impression in your space.

Low-concentration ozone removes bacteria and viruses floating in the air

Over 99.9% removal in 120 minutes and 99.99% in 180 minutes.
CADO Sterilization Deodorization Machine [SAP-001] performance evaluation test for removal of airborne bacteria (25㎥).
Bacteria were suspended in a 25㎥ space, and the sterilization/deodorization machine was operated in rapid mode to measure the number of suspended bacteria over time.
[Evaluation organization: Kitasato Center for Environmental Science
Report No.: Hokusei Hatsu 2020_0127

*The test was conducted in a sealed space,
The test was conducted in an enclosed space, not in an actual use space.
*Based on the test results of SAP-001.
SAP-002 has the same internal structure.

Ozone + catalyst to remove floating bacteria and viruses

A unique catalytic ozone method is used to remove floating bacteria and viruses.
The oxidizing action of ozone and the catalyst decompose the cause of the odor and deodorize it from the source.
In addition, low-concentration ozone is emitted to deodorize even ingrained odors.

Speedy decomposition and deodorization of the four major odors of daily life

Developed with a focus on four odors that are of particular concern in daily life.
We have adopted a metal catalyst that is highly effective against
ammonia (the smell of human waste),
methyl mercaptan (the smell of rotten onions),
trimethylamine (the smell of rotten fish),
hydrogen sulfide (the smell of rotten eggs).

Automatic operation at the necessary timing by motion sensor

Take, for example, a restroom.
In spaces where odors are not a 24-hour concern, setting the operation mode to "Motion Sensor" will automatically increase airflow to high when a person is detected.
After 5 minutes of detection, the mode switches to "auto mode" and the air conditioner automatically operates according to the air condition.

Stylish operation panel and lighting function

There are only two control buttons: power and light switching.
Each time the power button is touched, it switches to 4 modes: auto/ motion sensor linked/rapid/night.
The built-in LED light (3 levels: low, medium, and high) can be used as a night light for bedside or sanitary space.

Regenerative sterilization/deodorization unit

The catalyst is divided into a "regeneration area" and a "sterilization/deodorization area" for seamless operation.
By periodically rotating and heating the two areas, bacteria, viruses, and odors remaining on the catalyst surface are decomposed.
The power to sterilize and deodorize is regenerated.
No filter replacement is required.

Products Covered by Warranty

You will be able to download the delivery note from the shipment completion e-mail.
Please print out the delivery note and keep it with you,
The warranty is valid for one year from the date of purchase.
*Consumables and replacements are not covered.

power DC 24V (AC adapter AC100-240V 50-60Hz)
Rated power consumption 1.8A
noise from operation 40dBA (Rapid mode)
26dBA (night mode)
External dimensions Diameter approx. 170 mm x Height approx. 350 mm
mass Approx. 2.3 kg (main unit only)
Recommended floor area*. 10 tatami mats (16m²)
Power cord length AC power cord: approx. 0.7 m
DC power cord: approx. 1.8 m
accessory User's Manual / Safety Precautions / Warranty / AC Adapter / AC Power Cord

*Guideline based on our testing. Effectiveness may vary depending on usage conditions and environment. Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice.