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ABOUT About Us

Students who wish to combine hairdressing and hair/makeup. Students will naturally learn the skills required in the salon, as well as first-rate hair and makeup on site, and will be trained to become independent individuals.

●Thinking about a new way to be a hairdresser
Our strength is salon education specializing in creativity. In addition to salon work, students are accompanied to fashion and advertising photo shoots, allowing them to learn about the real world from the time they are assistants. This is a platform for those who will lead the beauty industry in the future.

●Store and Salon Features
The salon provides services to customers using Sense of Humor's original products. The store, which is attached to the salon, sells original products and La Bouche Rouge, a Parisian cosmetic brand, and holds regular POP-UP events to keep customers coming back for more.
RECRUIT Job Openings
We are currently recruiting for the following positions. Please check each job page for detailed job information.


■Salary Type 【Part-Time Job】 hourly wage 1,1⋯
5 min. walk from Omotesando Station, Exit B1
<weekday>10:45~20:15 <Saturday and Sunday⋯


■Salary Range 【Stylist】Contract of Hope⋯
5 min. walk from Omotesando Station, Exit B1
<weekday>10:30~20:00 <Saturday and Sunday⋯