Glamour, it's an adult instinct. Dewey Elixir Oil

Versatile oil that brings out an elegant shine

As the name "Elixir" suggests, Dewey Elixia Oil can be used universally for styling hair, rinse-off treatments, and skin moisturizing.
We will talk about such multi-purpose elixir oil in this issue.

Addictive scent of lotus and mandarin

Scent formulated with 100% essential oils.

It is a scent I like to wear when I go out or before going to bed.

As a proof that 100% essential oil is used, we recommend that you try it directly on your skin/hair, not on cotton, since the fragrance reacts to heat and moisture and spreads more fragrance.

You will experience a freshness and depth of fragrance that cannot be felt with synthetic fragrances.


100% plant-derived, formulated with ingredients similar to human sebum. More comfortable to the skin and hair.


A blend of apricot kernel oil, argan oil, baobab oil, and other plant oils with a balance of essential fatty acids (oleic acid, linoleic acid, palmitic acid, etc.) similar to that of human sebum. Because these plant-derived oils resemble the structure of human sebum, they are easily absorbed into the hair. This is the reason why hair stays silky and shiny throughout the day, yet remains moist from the inside out.
As soon as it is applied, the hair becomes soft and flexible, which is evidence that it has penetrated to the inside of the hair.
Use before hair dryer to protect hair from heat and for UV care.


From wet style to adult elegant style, you can do it freely.


Dewey Elixir Oil is an oil that can be light or heavy depending on the amount. It is also known as an oil for creating bundled wet hair, but if you use less than one push of the oil, you can easily create an understated, elegant shine while still retaining volume.


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