【Special care with a total of 13 minutes of leave-in time】 Rescue your hair damaged by the sun at home!

As the temperature rises, the sun's rays feel sizzling and strong this August.

We recommend taking more time than usual to give intensive care with the Dewey Hair Care Series to hair damaged by long days out and to scalp that has turned red due to sunburn!

Foam pack with Dewey shampoo (leave for 3 minutes)

Key ingredients effective against UV rays: Silk

Pre-wash hair and scalp with warm water, then lather thoroughly with Dewey shampoo.

Massage the scalp and leave it in the foam pack.

The silk ingredients in the shampoo coat the hair and scalp, protecting it from UV rays and other external stresses and repairing damage. It also prevents split ends caused by dry hair ends.

Intensive care from scalp to hair ends with dewy treatment (leaving time 10 minutes)

 Key ingredient effective against UV rays: shea butter.

Apply a generous amount of treatment from the scalp to the ends of the hair.

Cuticles are arranged in a scale-like pattern starting from the roots, so rub the treatment in with your hands, imagining that the nutrients will permeate in the direction from the roots to the ends.

For further penetration, wrap a steamed towel around the hair and leave it for 10 minutes (be sure to rinse the treatment thoroughly!) ). The steam effect will increase hair penetration.

The key ingredient, shea butter, helps reduce inflammation of sunburned scalp and prevents UV damage to hair ends.

It is hard to take the time to care for your skin every day without fail, but,

To avoid carrying over summer UV damage, please take the time to take good care of your aftercare!



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