STEM Mini Original Aroma Liquid (Atomos Mini)


Atmos. Mini

Atmos. Mini is an exclusive product for the STEM Mini mobile diffuser.

Original liquid of 100% essential oil

Design the best air quality for the environment from an aromatherapy perspective,
Original blended liquid.

What is the space where natural fragrance expands?

Original liquid for use in STEM Mini mobile diffuser
"Atmos.Mini" is a blend of 100% natural fragrances.
Natural fragrances are the life force that enables plants to survive under any adverse weather or environmental conditions.
When they detect the presence of pests, they communicate with their fellow plants and emit aromatic substances to eliminate the pests, or spread gorgeous aromatic substances to attract bees and butterflies for help in pollination.
These aromatic components are what we call "essential oils," or natural fragrances.
We humans, plants, and animals can resonate with each other's life force as the same organic compound, and natural therapies, including Chinese medicine and herbs, make use of this.
Aromatherapy is one of the natural therapies that try to take in the life force of plants by enjoying their fragrance.

When you want to enjoy the fragrance

Original aroma liquid Atmos. Mini for use in STEM Mini.
Pink: CALM (relax, sleep)
Yellow: AWAKE (refreshment/concentration)
Blue: CLEANSE (sterilization, deodorization).
Each liquid is a blend of more than six 100% natural essential oils, and its rich aroma is effectively sprayed and diffused by micro-mist to create an aromatic space.