La Bouche Rouge "21 Bag Blue" to go on sale

On December 7 at 11:00 a.m., SENSE OF HUMOUR Minami Aoyama store and official online store will release "21 Bag Blue" which can hold La Bouche Rouge lip leather case.

Retail price: ¥28,880- (tax included)

(*Lip leather case is not included.)

About 21 Bags

La Bouche Rouge, a pioneer in beauty, seeks to combine the art of the everyday with traditional techniques to pave the way for a more beautiful and peaceful planet in a sustainable and innovative way.

With a modernist approach inspired by the avant-garde spirit of the Bauhaus art movement, La Bouche Rouge is launching its first leather bag, the 21 Bag. Dedicated to lipstick, the simple yet functional "21 Bag" is designed to suit every modern woman.

A pocket on the front of the bag holds a lipstick in La Bouche Rouge's fine leather case. The lipstick can be easily removed by sliding it out from the bottom, convenient for use on the go or for a quick touch-up.

Conceived with agility, speed, and lightness in mind to fit into an urban, active lifestyle, the bag's pure, minimalist form makes it easy to take with you wherever you go. The 21 Bag's form, reminiscent of a cartridge belt, is a modern interpretation of a historical item.

It is a tribute to the powerful new heroines of the 21st century, who overcome all obstacles with a smile and perfect red lips, balancing work and private life.

The compact size is designed to focus only on a woman's daily necessities: small and simple, it can hold credit cards, cell phone, lipstick, etc.

Its geometric form is inspired by the fundamental Bauhaus principle that "the form of an object must first and foremost serve its purpose. It is above all a practical aesthetic. The 21 bag is not only an elegant accessory, it is also the ideal bag to keep your lipstick or smartphone at the ready.

Its superior leathers are upcycled in France and conceived by applying the traditional craftsmanship and ancestral know-how of tanneries.
The surplus leather, initially created for luxury fashion brands, is used to create luxurious and precious accessories that combine beauty and sustainability.

Like Bauhaus, La Bouche Rouge intends to give birth to a new art of living, thinking, and creating for a more committed, sustainable, and environmentally conscious world.

*La Bouche Rouge products are available at SENSE OF HUMOUR Minami Aoyama store.
Please feel free to stop by.

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