Straight hair iron


B1-G1(Straight hair iron)

A hair iron created as a "professional's tool"
We have focused on hair problems, especially frizzy and curly hair, in order to address the complexities of hair.
Caring for frizzy and curly hair is difficult, and the risk of failure is not small.
That is why we want to choose the best tools that can be used with peace of mind.
The BI-G1 is a completely new hair iron that is easy for anyone to use, thanks to its performance and ease of handling, while combining both functionality and design that have been approved by professionals.
It sheds new light on the complexities of frizzy hair with beautiful straight hair.

Attention to Plates
Pursuit of high thermal conductivity and uniform engagement of upper and lower plates.
By coating the surface of the aluminum plates with a special fluoroplastic developed in-house,
 we have achieved, in addition to excellent durability,
the optimum balance between smooth gliding that is gentle to hair and moderate tension that is essential for hair straightening.
In addition, a suspension mechanism is employed that acts with only a slight force on one side of the plate.
By applying uniform pressure to the hair, stable styling is now possible.

Water vapor control reduces strain on the scalp.
The unique three grooves release water vapor appropriately and control the amount of water vapor that hits hair.
It is possible to pinch hair at the roots and hairline, where swell is a problem, without placing a burden on the scalp.

Shortens styling time by achieving an overwhelmingly fast rise time.
Our proprietary hybrid control method using digital control and a temperature sensor
allows for speedy heat-up to 180°C in about 34 seconds, making short-time styling possible.
In addition to precise temperature control, the combination with the high-response heaterachieves the industry's highest level of thermal responsiveness.
This not only improves treatment efficiency, but also reduces damage to hair caused by rapid temperature changes.

"Lightweight," "Thin," and "Dirt-resistant" to satisfy professionals
The compact and lightweight body reduces the burden on the hands during use.
On the other hand, the plate is maximized in size, and the tip is thinned to allow a wide area to be treated at a time, while also delicately pinching the scalp and near the hairline.
The honeycomb-treated felt, which was adopted based on feedback from beauticians, makes it difficult to feel heat and prevents stains.

Simple and intuitive to use
Simple and intuitive design with only power and temperature up/down buttons.
The unit automatically stops operation 60 minutes after startup, so you can use it with peace of mind.
The hair dryer is compatible with voltages from 100V to 240V, so it can be used overseas as well, allowing you to enjoy the same style as usual even when traveling.
It is available in two colors, "cool gray" and "white," which are the same calm atmosphere as the dryer and fit in well with interior decorations.

Both professional treatment and personal styling are possible.
Same specifications as straightening hair irons used in salons for hair straightening.
In addition to the functionality and quality recognized by professionals, it is lighter and more compact than ordinary hair irons.
It is easy to operate and can be used on a daily basis by anyone.
It can also be used to curl hair depending on how you use it, so it is recommended for styling.

Products Covered by Warranty
You will be able to download the delivery receipt from the shipment completion e-mail.
Please print out the delivery note and keep it with you for one year from the date of purchase to be covered by the warranty.
*Consumables and replacements are not covered.

Power source AC100-240V 50-60Hz
Power consumption 38W *
Plate temperature Approx. 100°C to 200°C
Dimensions Height approx. 239 x Width approx. 32 x Depth approx. 40 mm
Weight Approx. 186g (excluding power cord)
Power cord length Approx. 1.8m
Accessories Instruction manual (warranty), heat-resistant sheet

*Average power consumption per 0.5 hours. Power consumption varies depending on power supply voltage and temperature control. Maximum power AC 100V: approx. 306W/AC 240V: approx. 405W
*Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice.