STEM Mini Mobile Diffuser


STEM Mini (MD-C10)

Can be carried anywhere
Palm-sized multi diffuser

Humidification as well as mist sterilization for cleanliness,
and moisturize your mind with fragrance.

Quiet and highly diffusive, ideal for a variety of spaces

Its excellent quietness allows it to be used in quiet private spaces such as bedrooms.
In addition, the micro-mist produced by our original method achieves high diffusion performance.

Easy maintenance because we are always together.

In pursuit of stress-free water supply and care,
we focused on a thoroughly simple structure and specifications for comfortable daily use.

Luxurious appearance

The main body is made of high-grade aluminum material.
The stylish, yet elegant and relaxed appearance of the body blends in well with your space.

Products Covered by Warranty

You will be able to download the delivery note from the shipment completion e-mail.
Please print out the delivery note and keep it with you,
The warranty is valid for one year from the date of purchase.
*Consumables and replacements are not covered.

Spray volume (humidification mode)※1

(occasionally weak) approx. 5 mL/h (occasionally weak) approx. 15 mL/h (occasionally strong) approx. 35 mL/h


Approx. 130g (main unit only)



Bottle Capacity

Approx. 30mL

USB cable length

Approx. 0.7m

body color

Mortar Black / Sand Silver / Copper Gold

power (button on TV, etc.)


Current consumption*2

1A or less


Instruction manual (warranty card), USB cable, carrying case, replacement water absorbent (2 pcs)


Replacement water absorbing core RS-C10

Corresponding liquid*3

Original Aroma Liquid (Atomos Mini)

*1 At a water temperature of 25°C (77°F) and a tank full of water. Spray volume varies depending on the type of fluid, remaining amount, and room temperature.
*2 Maximum value during operation.
*3 Do not use anything other than 100% natural essential oil.
The operation is not guaranteed for all types of fluids. Depending on the type or blend of essential oil, the atomizing volume may be small or there may be residual fluid in the bottle.
Some essential oil types and blends may leave residue in the bottle or build up in the spray port.
High viscosity essential oils such as patchouli, hiba, and sandalwood may not be sprayed and are not recommended.
Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice.