STREAM1800 sterilization circulator


body colorSTREAM1800 <STR-1800 sterilization circulator>

Breezes that create a pleasant atmosphere

The wind rustles the flowers and plants, creating a restful scene.
Even in nature, wind plays an important role in plant reproduction.
STREAM is a wind that blows straight ahead while sterilizing,
and creates a safe and comfortable space.

18m wind power

Unique hybrid fan is employed to deliver powerful airflow over a long distance, producing wind power with a maximum reach of 18 m*.
*Compiled by CADO Co.

Diffusion of 32 tatami mats

Compact yet reliable air delivery even to 32 tatami mats* with a single unit
High diffusion power of the air blower circulates the air in the room
It creates a comfortable space.
*According to research by CADO Co.

Hybrid Fan

A fan with a hybrid structure is employed, combining "outer blades" that produce highly direct airflow and "inner blades" that draw in airflow from the catalytic filter and ozone unit to deliver ozone air of a constant density.

Sterilization performance

By releasing low-concentration ozone, which is considered harmless to the human body, into the space delivered by the hybrid fan, 99.9% space sterilization* is achieved in 5 hours.
*The sterilization rate is based on natural attenuation.
・The test was conducted in a sealed space, not in actual use.
・Not all bacteria can be sterilized.

Deodorizing and drying clothes

Room-drying clothes dry more slowly than drying outside because they are not exposed to sunlight, which causes a fresh-drying smell, and the moisture can make the entire room, including walls and floors, dingy.
A circulator with sterilizing performance can efficiently deodorize and dry room-dried clothes after rain or during the rainy season, and shorten the drying time.

Decomposition and deodorization of bothersome household odors

Developed with a focus on three odors that are of particular concern in daily life.
The oxidizing action of ozone air and catalyst decompose the cause of the odor and deodorize it from the source.
In addition, low-concentration ozone is released to deodorize even ingrained odors.

Compact appearance and stylish operation panel

It has a compact yet clean and minimalist design and a touch panel designed for simplicity and clarity.
The airflow can be switched between 4 levels.

Swivel function

Up and down can be manually and steplessly adjusted approximately 90 degrees at any desired position, and left and right swivel can be automatically adjusted to provide a wide range of airflow up to approximately 120 degrees.

Remote Control Function

The buttons on the remote control panel can be operated in the same way as the buttons on the main unit operation panel by pressing the buttons on the remote control panel.
The remote control can be easily operated with a single remote control, even when installed in a remote location or on the floor.
When the remote control is not in use, it can be fixed to the remote control holder on the main unit using a magnet system.

easy maintenance

With one-touch operation, parts such as the front grille, fan, and filter can be easily removed, allowing maintenance in every corner.

Products Covered by Warranty

You will be able to download the delivery note from the shipment completion e-mail.
Please print out the delivery note and keep it with you,
The warranty is valid for one year from the date of purchase.
*Consumables and replacements are not covered.

body color Cool Gray / White
Recommended floor area※ ~52m² (32 tatami mats)
Dimensions of main unit Approx. 276 x 237 x 330mm (Horizontal orientation)
Approx. 276 x 276 x 323mm high (Vertical orientation)
mass 3.6 kg (including catalytic filter)
Main Functions Swing operation / 4-stage air volume control / timer operation / sterilization operation
Swing angle Approx. 120 degrees left/right (automatic) / Approx. 90 degrees up/down angle adjustment (manual)
power DC 24V (AC adapter AC100-240V 50-60Hz)
Current Consumption 1.0A
Power cord length AC power cord: approx. 0.7 m / DC power cord: approx. 1.8 m
noise from operation Minimum: 21dBA (airflow: weak) / Maximum: 52dBA (airflow: fast)
accessory Operation manual, safety precautions, warranty card, remote control, AC adapter, AC power cord, catalyst filter for STR-1800 series
Replacement Filters Catalytic filter for STR-1800 series FL-S1800

*Guideline based on our testing. Effectiveness depends on usage conditions and environment.