Notice of Isetan Shinjuku Store Limited Christmas Kit Release

We sincerely thank you for your continued patronage.

From December 1 (Sun.), we will release "Winter Gift Set 2019" exclusively at Isetan Shinjuku Store.

This limited-quantity kit includes mini sizes of "Dewey's Elixir Oil" and "Bohemian Sea Water", and a "SENSE OF HUMOUR Origami Mirror" as a novelty item.

"Dewey Elixir Oil", a popular multi-oil that can be used for hair repair, body care, and as an accent for hair styling.

"Bohemian Sea Water", a foam-type styling product that can be easily rubbed in to create foreign-looking bundles of hair

Both of these two items, which provide high-quality shine and accentuation during this season when hair tends to dry out, are made of more than 97% natural ingredients.

The pure yet complex fragrance will softly unwind as the wind blows through.
The miniature size makes them easy to carry around.

The novelty item, the annual(!?) original mirror, is available in two types.
Please choose your favorite one at the store!

This limited edition kit is 10% off the regular price.
This limited edition kit comes in a limited edition box, making it a great gift idea.

【Winter Gift Set 2019】
¥4,301- (tax not included)

・Dewey elixir oil 30ml
・Bohemian Sea Water 50ml
・Original mirror

December 1 (Sun.) Limited edition and limited quantity available at Isetan Shinjuku Store

Available at Isetan Shinjuku B2F Beauty Apothecary or Isetan Mitsukoshi online store "meeco".

Limited production quantity
*Please note that the sale will end as soon as they are gone.
*Please note that the mirror type cannot be selected at meeco.

Please check it out!

<What is Isetan Shinjuku Beauty Apothecary?>
Beauty Apothecary is a "theme park for beauty and health" where natural cosmetics and foods from more than 100 countries are available.
Located on the second basement floor of Isetan Shinjuku Store, the Beauty Apothecary is a hidden gem that many people are not aware of.
The calm atmosphere makes it a very relaxing place just to browse around, so be sure to stop by if you are in the area.