Optional Wrapping


Choose the right wrapping size for your order, We will select the appropriate wrapping size for your order and wrap it in our store.

The product will be delivered pre-wrapped.
This is recommended for those who have trouble choosing the right size of wrapping materials and for those who would like to leave the wrapping to us.

Wrapping Set Contents
・Silver Box

*The shopper will be shipped in a pre-wrapped condition.
*The shopper will be delivered folded.
*The product and thin paper (cushioning material) will be placed in a silver box, The box will be wrapped diagonally with a ribbon. *If you purchase more than one item, please specify the name of the item(s) you wish to have wrapped.
*If you do not specify any particular item, we will wrap multiple items together.
*If the item(s) you ordered does not fit into the materials, we will contact you, We will contact you if the item(s) you ordered does not fit in the materials.
*We do not offer noshi (gift wrapping).
*If you have any questions, please contact us before purchasing.