Ungraspable Beauty

SENSE OF HUMOUR is a Japan based beauty brand. Elegance and unconventional ethos of bohemian lifestyle inspire our concept UNGRASPABLE BEAUTY. All things are delicate and nuanced. We proudly focus on Japanese subtle craftsmanship with authentic quality of ingredients and design. We believe that beauty and richness of experience are important components of the good life.

Simple and Elegance

We want to make it simple to use but maximize your beauty characteristics with our products. We have keep doing much research to find the best way to satisfy your desire. You will soon know that our creations can make your daily routine simpler and add elegance in your lifestyle.

About Eco-Friendliness

We have responsibility of caring all life on earth, which is not only human, but animals and natures too. With eco-friendly approach, we carefully select the ingredients which are sustainable and high functionality. Moreover, we continue efforts to revise ingredients in the future. We want remove toxic chemicals such as rinse agent which is concerned about skin-cells damage, petrochemicals, antiseptic agents, synthetic perfume or colorant, silicone and parabens from your daily life.

Sensuous Scent

We have specific people in mind. “Gypsetters”, “Bobo” and “Boho”, such freethinkers and their lifestyle are source of inspiration for the creation of our fragrance. We want to capture their carefree bohemian lifestyle and sophisticated urban life. Those elements tell us the importance and enjoyment of choosing to set ourselves up. Fragrance of each products are pure but complicated composition inspired by the people who have sense of humour.