Announcing the renewal of VRshop / SENSE OF HUMOUR Minami Aoyama Flagship Store & Salon

VR Shop
has been renewed.

\Point of care/update/

(1)We will select the shampoo/treatment that best fits your hair based on a hair diagnosis and deliver a free sample pouch to your home.

(2) Salon appointments are now available.

(3)You can also visit the hair salon on the B1F.

(4)You can watch styling how to videos on the salon floor.

(5)Meet the salon staff.

(6)You can also go outside to see the SENSE OF HUMOUR world.


SENSE OF HUMOUR has built a virtual shopping site that allows customers from all over the country and the world to experience shopping in our stores.

We hope that everyone will feel as if they were in a store from any location without any stress.