【February 3, 2012, 12:00 noon】 Limited edition kit in a gift box

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We will release two types of kits in gift boxes on February 3 (Fri.) at noon.

\Want to give it with your chocolate! Value-priced limited edition kits of popular products/

February 3 (Fri.) from noon
*Limited quantities available; offer ends as soon as they are gone.
*Discount code or coupon cannot be applied.

【Sold at】
Official online store only, Minami Aoyama store

Special Scalp Care Kit (in gift box, limited quantity)
12,580 yen

A limited edition kit containing three popular hair care products.

<Kit contents>
Bohemian Shampoo 250ml
Bohemian Treatment 250ml
Blank Hair Tonic 50ml


Japanese paper incense kit (in gift box, limited quantity)
5,280 yen

A limited edition kit containing two pieces of Japanese paper incense.

<Kit Contents>
Incense, Washi paper (Japanese paper incense) Sage
Incense Wasi paper (Japanese paper incense) Ylang-Ylang

Valentine's Day is a time to express your gratitude to your loved ones, family and friends.
Why not give it as a gift along with chocolate?

The kit comes in a limited-edition gift box, and is also discounted by 20% from the price of the individual items.

We hope you enjoy shopping at SENSE OF HUMOUR online store.